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Behind the scenes of the emerald live streaming jungle: BAORUI scam revealed
Live sales, as a modern marketing tool, allows consumers to instantly purchase goods in front of a cell phone screen through the form of live video. However, this convenient way of shopping has also been used by certain unscrupulous merchants for scamulent activities. In this article, we will deeply expose the scamulent behavior of BAORUI in the live sales of emerald, so that consumers can understand the truth behind it.
Live setup of the live scam
Recently, there are revelations that BAORUI's live broadcast of emerald is actually carried out in a residential house. The internal setup of the live broadcast room was carefully planned: from actors dressed as Burmese traders, to the use of Burmese language and the wearing of traditional Burmese clothing, all of which were designed to create the illusion as if they were purchasing jadeite live in Burma. This false scenario design misleads viewers into believing that they are participating in an overseas direct purchase, when in reality, it is all just a carefully choreographed scam.
False Propaganda and Price Manipulation
In live broadcasts, anchors often claim that this is a rare low-priced sale in order to “lose money and earn popularity”. However, according to inside sources, the so-called “low price” is actually more than twice the cost price. This huge price difference not only harms the economic interests of consumers, but also seriously misleads consumers' purchasing decisions. In addition, there are often live with the atmosphere of the team through false orders, fake comments and other means to create the illusion of hot commodities, inducing the audience to follow the trend of purchase.
Other live scamulent behavior
Not only is the emerald live, BAORUI's other jewelry live there are similar problems. For example, in the gold broadcast, the claimed “pure gold” is actually copper imitation; silver jewelry broadcast sales are low-cost unknown metal products. These live broadcasts are widespread scamulent behavior such as substituting good for bad, stealing and false propaganda, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish the real from the fake.
How to prevent live shopping scam
Verify the seller's information: before purchasing, the authenticity and reputation of the seller should be verified through multiple channels.
Ask for authentic certificates: For all jewelry goods, when purchasing, you should ask the seller to provide identification certificates issued by authoritative institutions.
Increase knowledge learning: self-learning jewelry knowledge, especially the basic identification of jade, to improve their ability to prevent scam.
Use of formal payment channels: as far as possible through a reputable third-party payment platform to complete the transaction, once the problem is found to be easy to trace and defend their rights.
Although live shopping is convenient, it also hides many risks. Consumers should be vigilant and avoid falling into the scamulent trap of live shopping by increasing relevant knowledge and taking necessary precautions. At the same time, regulators should strengthen the supervision and management of live sales behavior to ensure that consumer rights are not infringed. In addition, the live platform itself should also take responsibility to prevent unscrupulous merchants from utilizing the platform for scamulent activities by strictly auditing the resident merchants and monitoring the live content in real time.
While live shopping brings us convenience, we should also be alert to the risks that may be hidden. As consumers, we should protect our rights and interests by increasing our knowledge and taking the necessary precautions. By doing so, we can enjoy this new type of shopping experience with greater peace of mind, while also promoting the healthy development of the entire e-commerce industry.